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is an interactive artwork created using P5.js on hicetnunc. It generates a piece with parameters based on the address of the collector's Tezos wallet. The art is a hexagon consisting of 721 hexes and is unique for each user.

A total of 721 copies of Memory Cell have been created. Each copy will be given to the new owner personally by the creator. Copies are distributed as follows:

  • in generative art communities
  • among collectors of hicetnunc
  • on Twitter
  • on Reddit at r/tezos

One owner can have only one copy.

After the token is transferred to the owners, they will be able to see the unique art in their collection on hicetnunc, and their card will be created on memory-cell.com with their personal art and the owner's profile from

After all the tokens have been distributed, a new large hexagonal art will be created from the 721 unique Memory Cells created in this project.

After the end of the project, three wallets will be selected at random and I will send their owners their artwork printed on canvas 16x16 inches.

All news about the project will be published on Twitter

Technical details:

NFT was created on the hicetnunc platform thanks to the ability to create interactive NFTs. It is html+js using the P5.js library.

NFTs created on hicetnunc are stored on cloudflare-ipfs and data about the wallet of the art viewer is passed through query params:

Memory Cell NFT can generate an infinite number of images based on address, but only 721 images based on the wallets of NFT owners are their official identifiers. The project will include images generated for the first collectors. They will be placed on the main page. The collector page will contain a link directly to the NFT which generates the image for the current owner


How can I get my copy of the Memory Cell NFT?

You can get your copy by posting your Tezos wallet number in the Twitter and Reddit threads (links on the home page)

What happens after I get my token (copy)?

Memory Cell NFT will appear in your collection at hicetnunc: hicetnunc.xyz/tz/YOUR WALLET NUMBER. Your personalized image will appear on the home page of this site. You will have your page on this site: memory-cell.com/first_owner/YOUR WALLET NUMBER

How many copies can I get for free?

You can only get one copy for free as part of the project. Later you can buy or exchange copies from other owners

Can I sell this NFT?

Of course, as soon as sales become available on hicetnunc

What is hicetnunc?

All information can be found here and here

Can I transfer my token to another owner?

Yes, you can transfer, then the image will be generated based on his wallet. But only the images of the original owners participate in the project. Maybe later we will add owner history with all possible images

Why don't you swap for 0 Tez on hicetnunc so anyone can pick up a copy?

Because then there would be the possibility of acquiring several copies by one person, and the rules of the project: one person - one copy

How do I fill out my profile information?

The profile information is loaded from your tzkt.io profile. You can update it via this Google form. It usually takes about a day

Why is the information on the website not updated as quickly (I don't see my Memory Cell NFT listed yet)?

Updating takes some time. Be patient

I'm a complete beginner, but I want to participate. What should I do?

Just get yourself a Tezos wallet (Temple, Spire, Galleon, or Kukai) and refer to the “How can I get my copy of the Memory Cell NFT” section of this FAQ

Why 721?

This is сentered hexagonal number. Some people think 721 means "Love You". The 7 represents the total number of letters in the term. The 2 represents the number of words, and the 1 tells us that the term has one meaning. For me, it's just an important number in my life

Project purpose

This project aims to raise awareness about the potential for good and bad in terms of crypto art on the blockchain.

Generative art on the blockchain can be a force of good when created in a climate-positive way on the Tezos blockchain, and distributed independently on sites like hicetnunc.

The world of Crypto Art and NFT’s are ablaze with media attention, mostly focused on large sales which are prompting greedy “flippers” to jump in and try to make quick money. Memory Cell is about remembering our priorities and not be absorbed by the mania of the day.

A few owners of huge crypto capitals are creating markets where the masses overspend while trying to make a quick buck by minting memes or primitive pictures. In fact, it’s mostly increasing the value of Ethereum and the capital of its owners. This is a scheme where 1% of the rich will make more money, and the other 99% will be their sponsors. Just like on Walls Street… the house always wins. It’s important to remember to do your research and buy quality art that you like, even if it is for an investment.

Memory Cell was created to help everyone remember to move NFT in the right direction :)

Stay aware of our climate crisis. Value art for the work itself, not just its uniqueness. Learn about the artists from their social media and support the ones you care about.